Seek Out Support and Soar

First, believe in yourself.  Second, surround yourself with people who believe in you.  Third, soar to new heights.  No matter what your passion is—find people who get it.  My passion is writing, and my desire is to be a published author. When I first started getting serious about writing, I sat at my computer and […]

Discover Where You Belong

Discover where you belong with online support. In this day, when you can’t get out and congregate, going online can fill the void. From groups to tools, there are many opportunities to find others who can support you on your journey and purpose in life. You don’t have to go at it alone. Belonging is […]

A Way to Enhance Your Life

I’ve noticed when I pay attention to what I’m eating and how I’m feeling, and what is happening in my life—there is a clear correlation. When I eat healthy, there are far reaching effects. Healthy foods = high energy and boost in mood = raising my vibration = inspired creativity = joy = attracting abundance […]

A Tale of Three Desks

Once upon a time, a creative type wanted a desk to do creative things. Simple request. The creative goes to three furniture stores. Store #1 “We have this desk.” “No. That is way too big.” “We have more online.”   Store #2 “We have this desk.” “No. That is way too small.” “We have more […]

#BoostMyBio for #PitchWars

It’s that time again for Pitch Wars! I’m so excited to be submitting another manuscript this year. This is my first time creating a Boost My Bio. Here goes… Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy Title: THE MAGIC GAME Word Count: 35,300 Aesthetics:   The Short Pitch: THE MAGIC GAME arrives in Dimshire, turning the cursed town into a spectacular circus. […]

Consistency Inspires

When you engage in activities you enjoy on a consistent basis, you open up a continuous flow of inspiration. The challenge is to carve out this precious time. Life gets busy. Responsibilities kick in. Scheduling these activities into your daily or weekly routines is important. It’s what keeps you feeling alive. Sometimes this means getting […]

Individual Style Inspires

Embrace your uniqueness with your individual style and inspire. Personal style can bring you joy, lift your spirits, and open your mind to creativity. A friend of mine has been standing out for years by wearing cool colored glasses. His personality shines and his style inspired me to find one of my own. You can […]

Your Dreams are Worth Saying “Nope” for

I know you know this, but it’s always good to be reminded. I sometimes need a kick in the pants. When you have your eye on your dreams and you are working diligently to make them happen, it’s perfectly okay to set your boundaries and that means saying, “Nope.” My dream is to publish a book. […]

Take Time to Nourish Your Soul

As life gets busier and busier, I find that getting away for a long weekend does the trick for me. Traveling can be very therapeutic, especially experiencing a new place or enjoying nature. One of my favorite getaways is Sedona. I highly recommend this beautiful red rock country where the energy is off the charts. We […]