Discover Where You Belong

Discover where you belong with online support. In this day, when you can’t get out and congregate, going online can fill the void.

From groups to tools, there are many opportunities to find others who can support you on your journey and purpose in life. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Belonging is an inherent need in all of us. Whether it’s for a hobby or your profession, there is a group out there. If you can’t find one that fits your needs, create one! That’s the beauty of life. You don’t have to wait. You can create!

For me, I joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and I’m already making connections that inspire. Connecting is essential!

It’s the same idea for tools to move you forward. There are some really cool software platforms for design, writing, selling, etc.! I began using the Adobe Spark app on my phone. I can’t get enough of making short animated videos. I’m not even a designer!

Adobe Spark creation.

Recently, I was struggling with a WIP. I had all these ideas and connecting them together proved to be challenging. I set it aside for a couple of days. Then I remembered there were writing tools that may help. Sure enough, I looked into Scrivener. As soon as I loaded my document into it, I easily connected my ideas and found holes in my plot. Now I wonder why I waited until my fifth novel to use it! It’s life changing.

Finding groups and tools for your lifestyle inspires you to keep moving forward. They’re motivational.

Go forth and discover!

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