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Soulful Series Video Chats are 15- to 25-minute pre-recorded interviews with award-winning authors who have written a memoir, anthology, or a non-fiction motivational book, and have an uplifting message to share. These chats are introduced on my Instagram page and added here, YouTube, and Spotify.

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Please note: We’re currently booking months out and will require a physical copy of your book at least 30 days before your scheduled interview.

Zibby Owens

In this chat, Zibby talks about her memoir and candidly shares some of her memorable experiences and how they’ve influenced her writing journey, how books have played a prominent role in her life, and her thoughts on what makes great writing.

Zibby Owens is an author, podcaster, publisher, CEO, and mother of four. Zibby founded Zibby Owens Media, a privately-held media company designed to help busy people live their best lives by connecting to books and each other. One division is Moms Don’t Have Time To, the home for Zibby’s podcasts, publications (including two anthologies), and communities. The other is Zibby Books, a publishing home for fiction and memoir which she co-founded with Leigh Newman. Her award-winning podcast, Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books, has been downloaded millions of times. She is a regular columnist for Good Morning America, Katie Couric Media, and Moms Don’t Have Time to Write on Medium. Her upcoming memoir, Bookends: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Literature, comes out July 1, 2022 (Little A). Her first children’s book Princess Charming (Flamingo/Penguin Random House) debuted April 19, 2022, and will be followed by a second. She lives in New York with her husband and four children. For more information, visit and follow her on Instagram @zibbyowens.

Gabi Coatsworth

Gabi’s strength is inspirational! She made some bold choices for her career and her family as a single mom. Later she marries the love of her life and in our chat she gives us great marriage advice.

Gabi Coatsworth was born in Britain, but has spent most of her life trying to figure out how America works by living here. So, if you find a British flavor in her books, don’t be surprised. She’s an award-winning writer, who’s had short stories and essays published in journals and anthologies, and her memoir, Love’s Journey Home, was published in May 2022 by Atmosphere Press.

She is active in the Connecticut writing community and runs several groups for writers, including a monthly open mic Meetup, a monthly Writers Rendezvous, and a weekly write-in.

If she’s not writing or traveling, she’ll be in her flower garden, wondering whether to weed, or relaxing with a book.

Lisa Lucca

Acceptance struggles to emerge from a cocoon of family secrets . . .

After her parents’ divorce in 1974, Lisa Lucca’s idyllic Midwestern childhood is shattered when she learns her father is gay. Sworn to secrecy, she begins carrying the emotions of her family like a cracked bucket, making a mess as she embarks on a life of rebellious choices.

Decades later, faced with the aftermath of her father’s death, Lisa revisits the complicated relationship she had with him, delving deeper into the stories she’s held about love, sexuality, and the family she comes from with a shimmering clarity that arises from her grief.

A story of heartache and the power of forgiveness, Ashes to Ink shines a light on the challenges of living true to who we are.

Lisa Lucca’s work has been published in several anthologies, most recently in Crone Rising. She is the co-author of the epistolary memoir, You Are Loved, with her partner, Mark Mathias. She shares a home with Mark in the high desert of southern New Mexico where she continues her work as a life coach, and hosts a weekly public radio show, Live True, bringing insightful and engaging interviews to her listeners. The show streams globally at where the shows are available in the archives. Visit her website at

Vanessa Ferlaino

Vanessa Ferlaino, author and activist, shares what it means to be human, the importance of self-compassion and self-love, creating change, and a call to humanity.

Vanessa Ferlaino is an author, artist, and activist changing the world one day at a time. She believes that only when we hear ourselves, can we make a difference in our lives and the world around us. At the age of 27, she has many accolades. She spent 10 years in medtech and tech as an award-winning corporate innovator, investor, executive, and advisor. The headlining speaker for Google x Women Techmakers April 2022 and Authority Magazine’s “Social Impact Author” creates impact by challenging what it means to be human. Her book debut, “Human”, a read that will inspire you to be your truest self, is available on Amazon and select Chapters Indigo locations. Follow her on Instagram @vanessaferlaino or subscribe to her email list at so you don’t miss the release of her music or the launch of her next big philanthropic project – both coming in summer 2022!

Grace Grossmann

As a writer, yoga instructor, wellness coach, Grace has a passion for helping people find peace within. She finds sense through writing and strength through God. She believes people are too pressurised to find happiness when it all comes down to loving themselves and others.
Her mission is to show people it is OK to feel anxiety and stress; it can help you grow when handled with care and compassion. Her non-fiction books include humorous and humble accounts of Grace’s spiritual journey to show that reality is always going to hit, but you can get through it. She connects with the reader in an encouraging and lighthearted way through a steady flow of engaging content including practical exercises, questions and good laughs.

Julia Kristina

Julia Kristina is the author of Drive Your Own Darn Bus, a therapist, a master mind-management coach, a researcher, a speaker, and the creator of the Breakthrough Coaching Program.

In this fantastic chat, Julia shares guidance on how to handle life’s challenges. This chat is eye opening and life-changing! Manage the thoughts that are holding you back, gain perspective, and be the director of your own life in order to live more fully and freely. Julia focuses on how to make being human a little easier and a little better.