Follow Your Bliss and Transform

That fluttery, full feeling in your core is bliss. It’s that spark of life and light within you. What if you gave yourself permission to follow and foster this bliss? What if cultivating and nurturing your spark is your greatest calling? Take a few moments and think about when you are the happiest—when you feel […]

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane—Literally

Recently, I traveled back to a city I lived for 18 years—to a city and people I love. The city had changed. I had changed. But one thing hadn’t—the feeling of belonging. New Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. I met up with old friends in new places. And old places with new faces. Memories were relived […]

Answering the Calls

The mountains called and I answered. The crystals called and I answered. The cacti called and I answered. What is calling your heart? Answer. Follow me on Twitter @msanniecathryn My Website

A Book Can Change Your Life

In my early 30s, I found myself floundering through life. I never pictured my life to be a certain way, but somehow I knew it shouldn’t be the way it was. I had divorced and was back to dating, which turned out to be fun at times, but annoying most of the time. I had […]