Follow Your Bliss and Transform

That fluttery, full feeling in your core is bliss. It’s that spark of life and light within you.

What if you gave yourself permission to follow and foster this bliss?

What if cultivating and nurturing your spark is your greatest calling?

Take a few moments and think about when you are the happiest—when you feel the fluttery feeling of joy in your core. Is it when you’re:

  • in nature?
  • traveling?
  • with your favorite people?
  • creating?
  • collaborating and connecting with others?
  • teaching?
  • journaling?
  • learning?
  • volunteering?
  • sharing your talents?
  • making a difference?

Is it all the above and more?

Now, what if following your bliss could open doors for you? Would you make time for it?

When you are blissful, you are in a state of creative flow that allows opportunities and ideas to enter your life. Growth and change start taking place.

You owe yourself more of those blissful moments. You have this one life to nurture the spark within you—to feel full and fluttery.

Give yourself permission to find your bliss, live it, and see your life transform.

Thank you for reading this post.

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