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Soulful Series features award-winning authors who have written a memoir or non-fiction motivational book, and have an uplifting message to share. 


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Diane Dreher

The Tao of Inner Peace has been re-written and re-edited multiple times, but author, researcher, consultant, and Psychology Today blogger, Diane Dreher, says it is still timeless. In this episode, she talks to me about the way of the journey, the cycles of nature, and gives us some tips on how to stay centered. Most importantly, learn how inner peace within us creates peace around us.

Lynne Twist

In this episode, we’re whisked away into the life and journey of Lynne Twist. For more than 40 years, Lynne Twist has been a recognized global visionary committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability.

From working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta to the refugee camps in Ethiopia and the threatened rainforests of the Amazon, as well as guiding the philanthropy of some of the worlds wealthiest families, Lynne’s on-the-ground work has brought her a deep understanding of people’s relationship with money. Her breadth of knowledge and experience has led her to profound insights about the social tapestry of the world and the historical landscape of the times we are living in.

What would your life be like if you committed to something larger than yourself? Find out Lynne’s newest book, Living a Committed Life, demonstrates the power of dedication that goes beyond the self and teaches how to live a committed life that enables you to draw on resources and capacities from your most authentic self. In five parts, Lynne Twist shows how to make and keep commitments, engage in individual and collective action, and discover ways to connect and collaborate to make a difference.

Kevin Krenitsky

Kevin Krenitsky is a medical doctor and author of The Still Point. Despite leading a life deemed outwardly “successful”, he lived with a deep background of anxiety, fear, and stress that waxed and waned since early childhood. At the age of forty, in the midst of decades of suppressing tremendous inner and outer conflict, he reasoned there must be another way. This ‘willingness’ led to a decade of studying non-duality by way of A Course in Miracles. In 2015, at the height of a successful business career as Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine (FMI), Kevin turned away into relative isolation, and found the direct path to recognizing ones true nature. He wrote The Still Point to help others find their eternal nature, which is happiness itself.

Seema Desai

Get ready to talk about family! In this episode, I speak with Dr. Seema Desai, author of “Connected”, to learn about how people of all ages can navigate their emotions and become an advocate for their mental and emotional well-being in productive ways. Dr. Desai brought her own personal transformation through yoga and mental health to her family, after children inspired her to want to be a better parent so as a family unit, they could create happiness for each other.

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Tao Calligraphy is a revolutionary healing art based on an ancient form of one-stroke calligraphy (Yi Bi Zi) that Master Sha learned from sole lineage holder, Professor Li Qiu Yun.

In this episode, we hear from Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha about the extraordinary healing art of Tao Calligraphy that radiates out a heavenly frequency and vibration that can be harnessed by those connecting with this vibrational field to help them heal, rejuvenate, transform, and enlighten their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We will hear about Master Sha’s background as a medical doctor in China, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China and Canada, grandmaster of many Asian arts, and spiritual master of many traditions and disciplines, and how it all came together “as one” when he learned Yi Bi Zi Oneness Writing, which inspired and enabled him to create the powerful healing art of Tao Calligraphy.

Radhule Weininger

In this episode, learn how to stop painful patterns and find peace and freedom with Annie and her guest, renowned clinical psychologist and teacher of Buddhist meditation and Buddhist psychology, Radhule Weininger.

Radhule talks about discovering her passion as a “wounded healer” after a serious physical illness forced her to take a break from medical school. She went to Sri Lanka where she studied Buddhist meditation.

After graduation from medical school, she began integrating Buddhist with western psychology, as she felt it worked well for 20th/21st-century suffering.

Her book Heart Medicine will help you find freedom from life’s painful recurring patterns in 12 simple steps, with guided practices of self-compassion, mindfulness, and embodiment.