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Soulful Series Video Chats are 15- to 25-minute pre-recorded interviews with award-winning authors who have written a memoir, anthology, or a non-fiction motivational book, and have an uplifting message to share. These chats are introduced on my Instagram page and added here, YouTube, and Spotify.

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Please note: We’re currently booking months out and will require a physical copy of your book at least 30 days before your scheduled interview.

Pamela Seelig

Pamela joins me to talk about her book Threads of Yoga and ways to deepen one’s mindfulness.

Pamela Seelig is a yoga teacher based in New Jersey. She began her yoga and meditation journey in 1991 when an illness interrupted her Wall Street career. Along with helping recovery, the impact of her meditation led to a lifelong pursuit of perceiving and sharing yogic wisdom through practice, teaching, and writing. She completed her teacher training in 2006 at Integral Yoga Institute in New York. Pamela considers Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Integral, as her primary teacher (root guru), but she has trained with many of the top yoga luminaries in the world today. Pamela is a fervent student of yoga and continues to deepen and expand her yogic knowledge and understanding. Along with Hatha yoga, Pamela also studies Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and is a certified Raja Yoga instructor. While grateful for so many brilliant teachers along the way, she regards the practice itself as the greatest teacher. She lives in New Jersey where she practices yoga, teaches yoga workshops, writes, and empty-nests with her husband, Bob, and dog, Bodhi.

Erica Terblanche

Erica Terblanche, the author of Run for the Love of Life, has won some of the world’s most iconic multi-day endurance runs including Racing the Planet’s 7-day race in the Sahara Desert. She is the founder of Teach a Girl to Fish, Thrive Guru, and Thrive Run Club. Erica has 20 years of business strategy experience and holds degrees in Engineering and Psychology and Master’s degrees in business and positive psychology.

In this chat, Erica shares how running changed her life and gives great advice for anyone who wants to feel alive, inspired, and filled with renewed enthusiasm.

Signe Myers Hovem

Signe Myers Hovem, the spiritual counsellor, talks about her book The Space In Between: An Empath’s Field Guide and shares what it means to live as an empath.

Signe Myers Hovem has created homes on five continents over twenty years, raised four uniquely sensitive children, pursued a special education lawsuit appealed to the US Supreme Court, volunteered in a hospice in Texas and an orphanage in Azerbaijan, worked as a spiritual counsellor in Houston Texas, and taught workshops and training in the art of being an empath and the power of language in many countries around the world. She splits her time between Boulder, Colorado, and Oslo, Norway.

Mary T. Wagner

Mary Wagner shares her story about breaking her back and changing careers midlife. We had a fun chat about online dating, power tools, shoes, chocolate, and Mary leaves us with some profound advice. Her book When the Shoe Fits is inspirational and empowering. When a hard fall from a tall horse landed Mary T. Wagner—then a freelance writer and a soccer mom with four young children—in a body cast for three months with a broken back, she didn’t take it as a sign to ease back on the throttle. Instead, she changed careers, went to law school, took a job as a criminal prosecutor, and bought her first pair of spike heels. And THEN she started writing again. More than a dozen national and regional writing awards later, Wagner has compiled this “best of” collection of her inspiring and empowering essays from her first three books, and added a few more for good measure. Wagner’s earlier books, “Running with Stilettos,” “Heck on Heels” and “Fabulous in Flats,” earned recognition for humor, inspiration and memoir, and their kudos included both an Indie Excellence Award and a silver IPPY. Two were finalists in ForeWord Review’s Book of the Year Awards. Her legal experience has been similarly eclectic, ranging from handling speeding tickets to arguing cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court…sometimes in the same week!

Jen Mann

“Jen Mann had what appeared to be a perfect life: a successful career as a bestselling author and award-winning blogger, a devoted husband, teenage kids who weren’t total jerks, and a badass minivan. So imagine her surprise when, at forty-seven years old, a midlife crisis kicked her straight in the ladybits.” In this fun chat, bestselling author Jen Mann shares her thoughts on women in midlife and her amazing new book Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me? Jen Mann is best known for her wildly popular and hysterical blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat. She has been described by many as Erma Bombeck―with f-bombs. Jen is known for her hilarious rants and funny observations on everything from parenting to gift-giving to celebrity behaviour to politics to Elves on Shelves. She does not suffer fools lightly. Jen is the author of the New York Times bestseller People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges which was a Finalist for a Goodreads Reader’s Choice Award. She is also the mastermind behind the New York Times bestselling I Just Want to Pee Alone series. Her newest book is Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart Or Is It Just Me? a smart, personal, darkly funny examination of what it’s like to be a woman at the crossroads of a midlife crisis. Jen is a married mother of two children whom she calls Gomer and Adolpha in her writings―she swears their real names are actually worse.

Jess Ekstrom

Jess Ekstrom, bestselling author of Chasing the Bright Side, shares incredible advice on embracing optimism and finding your purpose. Jess Ekstrom is the founder of Headbands of Hope, a company that donates headbands to kids with illnesses with every headband sold. Headbands of Hope has been featured on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, QVC, The View and worn by celebrities like Kelsea Ballerini and Khloe Kardashian. More importantly, Headbands of Hope has donated over 1 million headbands, reaching every single children’s hospital in America and 22 countries.

After starting her company, she wanted to use her ups and her downs to help other women become valued as experts in their industry. In 2020, she started Bright Pages: a guided online journal for doers and creators.

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Jess is also the creator of online courses + communities for women to become paid keynote speakers and get book deals. Jess lives and travels full-time in her Airstream with her husband, Jake, and their 70 lb dog, Ollie.