A Way Out of Writer’s Block

Staring at our screens for hours is not getting our books written. Walking away is not getting our books written. I used to do both—paired with way too much coffee. Now I write through it, and my writing is much better for it.

Sometimes writer’s block has nothing to do with our story. Sometimes it has everything to do with what’s going on in our lives. We may not be aware that a frustration we have is the culprit that is keeping us from moving forward in our writing, and until we face it or resolve it, we remain stuck.

If I had to guess, many people bury burdens or fears deep inside. I know I tend to. When something bothers me, I try not to give it too much thought and shove it down. This behavior doesn’t serve me well because it just festers, doesn’t get resolved, and at some point, bubbles to the surface again. So, I need to deal with it, or it will keep blocking my writing flow.

Here’s a tip I’ve found helpful. I sit down with pen and paper and start writing about anything. Soon my thoughts come pouring out, and I find myself writing about a situation that is troubling me. I keep writing until I’ve written my concerns and possible solutions. By doing this, I’m releasing. Afterward, I feed the paper through a shredder. Most times, I don’t want anyone reading these private thoughts.

Now I feel better, and I work on my story. At this point, I’m always amazed that I am no longer blocked, and my writing is as free as ever. 

What do you do when you have writer’s block?

Thank you for reading.

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