Why “Walking the Talk” Inspires

Recently, I’ve come across people who try to sell me things or get me to do something, yet they are clearly not leading by example. To inspire others to make a positive change or buy into what you’re selling, you absolutely must practice what you preach.

Let me give you some examples to think about.

  • Would you hire a personal trainer who is out of shape?
  • Would you work with a health coach who has unhealthy eating habits or low energy?
  • Would you seek advice on how to build followers on social media from someone who has 10 followers?
  • Would you listen to a motivational speaker who puts others down?
  • Would you take writing advice from a writer who is unpublished?
  • Would you hire a broke financial planner?

The answer to all of these questions should be “no.” People are smart and will pick up on the inconsistencies between what a person says and what a person does. The people I choose to work with or listen to, follow their own advice first and have the proof to back it up.

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