Michelle Mansfield, author of The Honest Mom Project, shares her honest thoughts on motherhood.

Have you ever asked yourself this, “Am I a terrible mother?” If you’re a new mom, maybe you’ve found yourself thinking this. Maybe you’ve had a hard time adjusting to motherhood. Or maybe you feel like you’re drowning in persistent, recurring nightmares/fantasies where you flee your home into the night and never come back. And maybe you feel like everyone is always talking about how blissful motherhood is and sending you off with a pat on the back because, as a new mom, you’re supposed to be healthy and happy and glowing. But what if that’s just…not true? If you’ve ever questioned your role in life as a mother, or had regrets about becoming a mother, or just fell apart when you became a mother, seemingly overnight; if you resent that your partner seems to be living their normal life while you mourn the dramatic change to the abnormal in yours, or if you’re frustrated at how the dynamics for all of your friendships have shifted, or if social media communities constantly make you the most insecure you’ve ever felt, or if you are just so bored out of your mind all the damn time… Then The Honest Mom Project is for you.