Gabi’s strength is inspirational! She made some bold choices for her career and her family as a single mom. Later she marries the love of her life and in our chat she gives us great marriage advice.

Gabi Coatsworth was born in Britain, but has spent most of her life trying to figure out how America works by living here. So, if you find a British flavor in her books, don’t be surprised. She’s an award-winning writer, who’s had short stories and essays published in journals and anthologies, and her memoir, Love’s Journey Home, was published in May 2022 by Atmosphere Press.

She is active in the Connecticut writing community and runs several groups for writers, including a monthly open mic Meetup, a monthly Writers Rendezvous, and a weekly write-in.

If she’s not writing or traveling, she’ll be in her flower garden, wondering whether to weed, or relaxing with a book.