E.K. Richards chats with me about her book Decode Your Darkness.

It is the inevitable human experience that we will encounter pain and trauma throughout our lives, but that doesn’t mean we must suffer an existence devoid of passion, joy, and healing. You deserve to feel genuinely alive, even when life seems overwhelming and hopeless.After spending more than half her life slumped under the heavy weight of depression, and anxiety—numbing herself just to get through each day— E.K. Richards knew something was terribly wrong, but just couldn’t put her finger on it. In her quest for understanding, she uncovered extensive childhood trauma and emotional wounds. Through therapy, self-exploration, and a huge heap of brutal honesty, she discovered how to connect with what she refers to as her “darkness” and finally began to truly experience life. With powerful and gentle perception, the author guides you through your own personal deep dive in the search for true and lasting emotional freedom. Discover how to:
• Live inside a moment instead of living through it.
• Use creativity to process and heal from trauma.
• Recognize, embrace, and explore the dark sides of your soul.

E.K. Richards is a creative junkie, dog lover, and connoisseur of emotions. She has a background in psychology, experience in crisis counseling, and an intricate understanding of emotions and trauma processing. One of her favorite passions is helping others find their own purpose and light.
E.K. Richards resides in Utah with her blended family and fur babies.