Abigail James is a well-known celebrity facialist, yoga teacher and YouTuber. Her book, The Glow Plan, is a practical skincare handbook that offers a holistic toolkit for inner wellbeing and outer radiance.

Abigail James wants you to use The Glow Plan to feel beautiful, inside and out. Beauty is not about perfection, but about feeling happy in your skin and the inner glow that comes from cultivating self-care. This book shows you how, presenting a 4-week programme to uncover your inner and outer radiance. Week by week, it offers simple but incredibly effective facial massage exercises as well as wellbeing tips that will ensure your inner calm shines through your skin.

You will learn how to:

–Optimize mental health through restorative mindfulness and self-care practices

–Improve your skin through movement using yoga and breathing techniques

–Get your skin glowing by following the 4-week facial massage programme which also targets specific problem areas such as neck and jawline, droopy eyelids, tired and lacklustre skin

Integrating practical facial massage with inspirational lifestyle tips, including nutrition advice and yoga techniques, The Glow Plan is a revolutionary programme for achieving healthier, firmer and radiant skin.