A Word on Grief

It’s the glimmer of hope that keeps me going. A hope for better days and a hope for togetherness.

I am grateful to grieve because it shows I am human. I am not glad for the events that lead me to grieve, but in shedding the tears for those tragic times gives me purpose. The purpose of love. The purpose of unconditional, all-consuming love and why we are here. To bond, connect the deepest parts of our souls together as one.

Do I allow myself to grieve? No, not often. I usually shove hurt down to move on. But as in joy that one must feel, one must allow grief. The span of human emotions is meant to be felt, recognized, given its space in time.

So, today I grieve for the 9/11 victims on that tragic day twenty years ago. I did not know any one of them personally, but I remember, I mourn, and I pray for their loved ones. #neverforget

Thank you for reading this post.

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