My Quarantine Memoir

After what felt like A THOUSAND MORNINGS indoors, I took my car for THE LONGEST RIDE into the WILD. I started hearing VOICES IN THE STONES or it could have been THE CACTUS nearby. After my CONFESSIONS OF A DOMESTIC FAILURE, the voice said GIRL, STOP APOLOGIZING. You’re UNDER PRESSURE to keep your daughter EDUCATED. These are HARD TIMES.

I told the voice I’VE BEEN THINKING…about the ORIGIN of the virus. I’m trying to figure out THE SECRET of eradicating it through BIG MAGIC. I also want to begin MANIFESTING CHANGE through THE MAGIC OF PRAYERS but I know nothing about THE RULES OF MAGIC. It’s USELESS MAGIC, I cried.

After I stopped sobbing, the voice said GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE. This is just a A WRINKLE IN TIME. Soon, you’ll feel THE OPPOSITE OF LONELINESS. In the meantime, EAT PRAY LOVE.



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