Isolation Inspires Creative Connection

During this time, we decide how we use our time in isolation. We can choose creative connection to others and nature.

When we take a break from our normal routine, we open channels of creativity to stay connected. In fact, to thrive in this new isolated environment, we must get creative. You’ve already begun—we all have.

So what does this mean? It means embracing the moment and stepping out of your comfort zone. On a normal day, you would rarely catch me doing any of the activities I’m outlining here, but today is not anything like I’ve experienced before. So, today calls for me to live differently and if I’m completely honest—better in a lot of ways.

So…Taking the video call from a friend or multiple friends at once, playing virtual games with a loved one while video chatting, stopping to talk to a neighbor six feet away, putting that long forgotten puzzle together with your daughter, building obstacle courses and forts in your home, warming your face in the sun, walking two miles to breathe fresh spring air, adding a puppy to your family because now you have time to train her and your heart and soul is open to her healing energy, and taking a minute to be kind to someone who may need that extra comfort.

Staying positive, productive, and connected is how I’m choosing to live through this. Yes, I’ve cried for all the suffering, but I’ve also prayed, meditated, and sent out healing Reiki. I remain hopeful for the eradication of this virus and the day we can return to a new norm.

But until then, like you, I’m choosing to create new avenues for me to stay connected and live in the moment. Stay healthy, safe, and connected. The world needs your light.

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