Coloring Mandalas Inspires

Before having a child, you would never find me sitting still and coloring. It just wasn’t something I thought made sense for me to do.

Trying to get me to sit and meditate is even worse, I want to do it because I understand the benefits, but I have a list of things I’d rather be doing.

When I read some articles stating that coloring the geometric pattern of mandalas brings peace, tranquility, and deep focus, I was skeptical, but thought I could try it. I had been wanting to add a calming practice into my daily routine anyway.

I chose a coloring book with simple designs—one where I could complete a page in ten minutes. Ten minutes sounded doable.

While coloring, I noticed my mind turned off the chatter and automatically started working through ways on how to accomplish projects I had set aside. I also started getting new ideas I could implement.

After a few days, I felt calmer and began to let worries go. Trivial things that bothered me didn’t seem worth my focus anymore. I was hooked!

So now, every morning I build in ten minutes to color one simple mandala as a practice to start my day fresh. I also take the book and coloring pencils with me if I have to wait somewhere. It’s a relaxing way to pass the time.

There are many mandala adult coloring books on the market to choose from. You can also find free printables online. Here is the book I selected:

If you color, comment with your favorite book or design. Happy coloring!

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