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To keep life exciting, every now and then I’ll learn something new. I’ve found that this inspires me to be my best creative self. It can be something just for you or an activity you share with loved ones. The most recent things I took up benefited me and others.

I decided to get Reiki certified. This turned out to be good for my soul and also allow me to be a conduit for healing of others. It’s such a beautiful practice ushering in light and love. I offer Reiki as gifts to those close to me who are open to the balancing of their chakras, which promotes deep relaxation harmony, and peace.

The second activity I learned was crocheting. If you would have said to me twenty years ago that I would be crocheting anything, I would have straight up laughed. But maybe that’s why I did it, to step out of my comfort zone. I watched numerous YouTube videos and learned how to crochet infinity scarves. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, my friend, but I did it. The scarves ended up being Christmas gifts for my friends and family and I never had to buy another scarf for myself! I now have one in every color. Plus, I infused each scarf with light and love from my Reiki practice.

My hope for you is that you take up something new for you!

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